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Technology Guide for Individuals with Disabilities

Having disabilities Isn't an obstacle for students to enter a school. Various organizations work to assist individuals with disabilities to overcome social, physical, attitudinal or other difficulties and avoid exclusion from a number of regions of life. Many employers nowadays offer opportunities for them to write a decent edubirdie review. And there are multiple tools, software programs, and technological devices to help young people with different disabilities to acquire a proper education and subsequent benefits. The reason is that some obstacles, particularly communication ones, can prevent people with vision, hearing, or cognitive impairments to receive the messages and knowledge in a regular learning environment in a school or university. On the other hand, the problem has changed and with the help of multiple applications and resources, attending the college won't be a problem for these people anymore.
Young people with limited ability to view or even complete loss of eyesight are not deprived of obtaining higher education as one could think. Though they will inevitably experience difficulties in their both daily and academic life, colleges usually offer adapted Braille learning materials and tape-recorded assignments and textbooks. Screen readers can also be among popular programs for visually impaired students.

Useful mobile apps

With only a couple of taps on one's iPhone any printed text can be easily converted to a precise speech. It's very useful as students will need to review many files while studying.

Voice Dream Mail

Studying at modern colleges requires continuous communication with teachers and peer learners. This application requires a small fee and it can read updates received via emails.

Useful applications

Computers and laptops are the inseparable part of the effective and successful studying procedure. Having multiple configurations, this assistive app allows MacOS users with visual impairment to hear and understand what's going on on the screen.

Similar support that, however, does not require installation and can be used on any pc.

Braille Institute
This company unites multiple services and programs useful for blind people: by the library to career service. Seminars and classes that are worth attending to as they are intended to improve blind people's inclusion in all aspects of everyday life such as education.
The world wide web is now an integral part of contemporary life as it supplies much faster and easier access to needed information and also convenient means to connect with other people. While the benefits are obvious for everyone, many individuals can suffer in the negative phenomena brought to life by the rise of online social media use. Based on Cyberbullying Research Center, almost every fourth teen from the US was bullied or harassed on the internet and the rate continues to increase. Cyberbullies like to keep the anonymity and their principal objective is to hurt or frighten their victims and cause them to feel depressed and powerless due to the public nature of the type of abusing people. You ought to be aware and prepared to prevent emotional harm to your child especially if he/she belongs to among those vulnerable groups. In reality, no one is immune from online harassment but belonging to a minority group may be a ground for biases and following cyberbullying. Persons with learning disabilities or other special needs and those who are perceived as"different" according to their race, religion, social status or any other component of their personality frequently find themselves vulnerable to this threat.


Listen to your child and permit them to tell the fact
Lack of both respect and understanding are the things that hurt victims the most. Thus, you may assist your kid listening to them. Your complete support, absence of anxiety, and between the child in finding a working solution are the first and the most significant actions to get rid of online abuses and related consequences. Additionally, you have to praise your child for telling about the existing problem for you as it'll encourage sharing the rest of the problems also and you both will become nearer . In the end, show your support and that the circumstance is not the child's fault in any way. Your primary and utmost aim is to look after your child and create their self-esteem higher. You should reveal your very own real experience or perhaps a few made-up tales about being a victim of bullying. You could also remind that many different people were in precisely the same situation and successfully overcame it. Then, when you built a good rapport with your child, start creating a solution strategy.

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